Premium Smart Care is exclusively created to provide you with the most comprehensive Product Experience that you can have with your Notebook. Premium Smart Care provides you with the same protection benefits as Smart Care but with additional Premium Benefits.

Included, apart from Smart Care is the Telephone After Sales Support and a one-time onsite visit by our Specialist. The onsite visit provides the opportunity to have your notebook setup to any wireless devices that you have in your home, we also will share information on your product and it’s capabilities and provide you tips on maintenance. Our Telephone After Sales Support provides you with an avenue to turn to in the event if you have any issues with your product and also with any queries that you might have with Premium Smart Care.

*For more information on Premium Smart Care, please see our FAQ section for Premium Smart Care located within this website

Why Sign Up for 1CARE Global Service Plans?

  • No excess fee!
  • Worldwide Coverage wherever you are.
  • Comprehensive Service Plans at low cost.
  • Protect your valuable assets from as low as 20 cents a day.
  • Supported and Service by manufacturers or reputable repair centres regionally. Immediate coverage upon registration.
  • Get your product covered as long as product is not more than 12 months old from purchase date.
  • Option to upgrade service plans at special price. Look out for our online offers!
  • We connect to an encrypted and secure website for peace of mind.